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Hello! Me!

Imagination - it's the door to the other half of our lives; the half that we inhabit in our dreams. Our shadow-self, that takes notes on our "real" lives and then reports back in our sleep.

If the door is slightly ajar, nudge it gently. It swings back on oiled hinges to reveal the other side.

Come! Let's walk on the mountainside. Beacons burn relentlessly on the hillsides. Here; take my hand. The chanting has begun.

Fly like an Owl, infra-red sight. Silently stalking, the forests of the night. Turning the darkness into light. kings and cowards, angels and demons. scholars and pirates, immune to the seasons. Sacrifice to the sun, pale moon-woman. Family, school.............friends.

No explanations, no sequence, no reasons.

And when i return............you'll still be sleeping by my side. Waiting for me.


Ive always had songs in my head........Well, not always.........,but pretty much since I saw Status Quo in 1973, shaking their long hair down and saying to all impressionable 10 year-olds in the world, look at me!! - Ive just had snatches of music popping into my head and rolling around in the ether, so-to-speak. They were the first band that had me saying, "I wanna do that!" And shortly after that, I saw a real live band and the first song that they played was something called, "Smoke on the water." In retrospect, i think they actually were pretty good, but regardless, that whole experience just BLEW ME AWAY!!! WOWWWW!!!! So, I bugged my dad for a guitar, because by now, Id heard a guy by the name of Jimi Hendrix, who made it sound sooooo good! And easy; like you know, add water and shake. My father, in the time-honoured tradition of all his kin raised during the heat of the Second World War, made me sweat (to prove that I REALLY wanted the guitar) and after much nagging and a few chores, I received, a candle-smoked (and trust me, Ive looked everywhere for this motif and found it nowhere) Bellini, (looked for that as well same result) gut-stringed monster, which wasn't that easy to play and i didn't sound like Jimi!

Hey man!! Where's the electric guitar?? Like Jimi Hendrix's!!

Well, I looked at that guitar. And it looked back at me. And slowly, grudgingly, we developed a relationship that made me sound ALMOST as though I had a vague clue what I was doing! Almost. Hell; i even started playing Smoke on the water! Luckily, it also turned out that the guitar gave me a platform to foist my uncouth compositions upon the world. Uncouth composition, after less uncouth composition; a transition to Bass, plus many bands later, the process has distilled to the degree that I'm proud to present these finely crafted (couth) rock songs for your delicate ears.

I hope you enjoy them.

Let the music win!!

On Your Own EP Cover!

On Your Own (Sample) by Duncan R. Foley

Hollow (Sample) by Duncan R. Foley

Ready For My Love (Sample) by Duncan R. Foley

Wasitu (Sample) by Duncan R. Foley

Ek Se (Sample) by Duncan R. Foley
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